With over 30 years experience, W2W assures that Charter Schools' reporting to the Ohio Department of Education is correct, so community schools are funded appropriately.

W2W Reporting


W2W Reporting, LLC specializes in reporting EMIS and SOES data for all types and sizes of community schools in Ohio. W2W provides many avenues of support for schools looking to outsource their EMIS/ SOES Reporting. W2W’s team of EMIS Coordinators are extremely skilled, highly trained and have a combined 30 years of experience.

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What is EMIS?


EMIS is the statewide data collection system for Ohio’s primary and secondary education. Staff, student, district/building, and financial data are collected through this system. Staff data include demographic, attendance, and course information. Demographic, student attributes, attendance, program, course, and test data are submitted to ODE at the student level. In addition, EMIS data is used for State and Federal Reporting; Funding and Distribution Payments; Academic Accountability; and State and District Reports. Data validation and error reports are provided; however, the reporting entities are responsible for correcting such errors in a timely manner and resubmitting their data.

What is SOES?

Community schools enter data concerning the enrollment and attendance of their students into both EMIS and SOES. The information entered into the School Options Enrollment System (SOES) is used by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to make payments to community schools. The review team compares the source enrollment and attendance data with the SOES data submitted by the community school for funding and checks for the validity of the IEP’s being implemented in the school.


"Wall 2 Wall Reporting, LLC is a phenomenal group that gets the job DONE! The level of expertise, knowledge and experience comes second to none."

-Darlene Holt

Licensed Treasurer T2 Honors Academy



"In Ohio’s community school environment, it is critical that all data reporting is accurate, complete, and timely. Any error in this area can be devastating to a school. That is why I highly recommend Wall 2 Wall Reporting to all of my clients. Wall 2 Wall has the experience and the expertise to get the job done right, and their track record is second to none. When it comes to data reporting or EMIS support, Wall 2 Wall is the first choice.”

-Jamie Callender

The Callender Law Group



"As a start-up public Montessori charter school, our unique environment created excitement and enthusiastic support among the Wall 2 Wall team. Thanks to them we meet our reporting requirements and learn the intricacies of the process in manageable segments.”

-Barbara Fox, Director of Operations

Stonebrook Montessori