Consulting / Training

W2W can offer a consulting option in helping charter schools with all EMIS/SOES Data Reporting Periods. With this option the client will do and maintain all EMIS/SOES data and submissions. W2W will partner with the school to help with guidance and/or a resource for the client to help assist with the various reporting periods. The areas of which W2W can offer support can cover:

• Student Enrollment Data
• Student SSID number
• Student contact Data
• Special Education Data
• Staff Data
• Course Data
• Students into appropriate courses
• Discipline Data
• Testing Data
• Building and District Data

The client would be responsible to collect and submit the school’s data to the Ohio Department of Education. W2W will help guide them and offer insight throughout this process. W2W will also communicate with the client of upcoming deadlines and submissions to help ensure that the client are meeting these. W2W will guide the client through reviewing all necessary reports that are critical to the accuracy of the school’s data.

W2W will also help assist with the management of the ODDEX system to ensure that all SOES and SCR errors are resolved. W2W will work with school staff to help guide them on collecting the correct information needed to resolve errors in a timely manner.